In 2013, Hang Ge participated in the Ministry of Culture's "Happy Spring Festival" trip to Egypt-and "China-Arab Silk Tour"

At the invitation of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and appointed by the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater officially entered Egypt's "Happy Spring Festival" performance from January 26 to February 1, 2013.
During the Spring Festival every year, the Ministry of Culture and the Federation of overseas Chinese launch cultural visits to more than 80 countries and more than 200 cities around the world, showing the world through the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and excellent Chinese culture and art. bring warm holiday wishes and joy to friendly people around the world. At the same time, this event was included in the 2013 "China-Arab Silk Tour" jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the State Press and Publication Administration, the State Administration of Religious Affairs, and other ministries and commissions in Northwest Asia.
The Egyptian "Happy Chinese New Year" theatrical performance was directed by Cui Wei, the executive deputy director of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. She adhered to the creative concept of the perfect blend of traditional culture and modern art, and the unique programming of the Jiangnan water town, and at the same time integrated into the Egyptian local ethnic characteristics The form of theatrical performance spreads Chinese traditional culture to the world, demonstrating the rigor and professionalism of Chinese professional art academies. With full enthusiasm and the most professional artistic attainments, the Hangge team made the Egyptian people feel the artistic charm from oriental culture and the friendly blessings from beautiful China.
Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater has been committed to spreading Chinese traditional culture and art to all parts of the world as an ambassador of cultural friendship. During this visit to Egypt, the Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater stepped into the mysterious soil of Africa for the first time. It is also an important mark of the 54-year development of Hangge. Hangge not only undertakes the historical mission of spreading Chinese excellent culture, but also undertakes the country., The nation has a heavy social responsibility.

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