In the golden autumn of 1959, a singing and dancing party kicked off by the West Lake. The Hangzhou Song and Dance Troupe, the predecessor of the Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater, began her half-century glorious journey. After 62 years of development and construction, Hangzhou Opera and dance theater has grown into a comprehensive professional art troupe. The theater integrates a variety of art categories, including administrative office, brand marketing center, art creation center, opera troupe, dance troupe, orchestra, dance beauty center and Hangzhou song animation theater.


Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater is committed to the development direction of the perfect combination of traditional culture and modern art, creating and performing classic plays: dance poetry drama "Sister Drum", large-scale song and dance poetry drama "Ode to Peace", song and dance special performance "Chinese style", dance "F", "The Sun is not Black", "Red Lovers", "Auspicious", "Survivor", etc, as well as the combination of Chinese and Western concert "Tea and Coffee", modern art work "Ink Dance West Lake", public welfare brand "Hand in Hand", BMW's new car series conference, international women's fashion concept show, DIOR Greater China's new conference, China's first animation theater and other creative planning performances of nearly 1,000 sets. In 2016, during the Hangzhou G20 Summit, Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater, as the main team, participated in the performance of the large-scale water live symphony concert "The Most Memories of Hangzhou", and undertook the organization, arrangement and performance of the G20 spouse event performance, which was highly praised by the central and provincial governments, and was awarded the provincial advanced collective, and 7 individuals were awarded the title of provincial advanced individual.


Over the past 62 years, Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater has won more than 800 international and domestic awards represented by the "Wenhua" Award in various international and domestic professional competitions. Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater has been committed to spreading Chinese traditional culture and art to all parts of the world as an ambassador of cultural friendship. He has visited the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, North Korea, the Netherlands, Lebanon, Taiwan and many other countries and regions; in 2007, he was appointed by the Ministry of Culture to visit Kyrgyzstan with President Hu Jintao to participate in the "Shanghai Cooperation Organization" Heads of State Summit celebration performance. In 2010, in cooperation with the Lebanese Caracalla Song and Dance Theater, which has permanent performance rights in many countries, jointly created a large-scale song and dance drama "Zaid's Dream", and set a precedent for transnational cooperation and world touring of domestic dance dramas. Created and arranged dramas with distinctive Chinese cultural characteristics to tour Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other places, and boarded top art halls such as the French Theater, the West End Theater, and the Kennedy Art Center in the United States. Wherever they went, they won full attendance and applause from the audience, and were widely praised by foreign media.


In 2014, in order to cooperate with the overall publicity of the National Grand Canal's application for world heritage, the dance theater "meeting the Grand Canal", a cultural heritage communication drama with the theme of the Grand Canal, was listed as a fine project in Zhejiang Province. it has been highly praised by all walks of life and the media in the city tour of six provinces and two cities along the canal. The play appeared on the stage of the National Grand Theater of China on the 11th and 12th of 2016, and was funded by the National Art Fund to start a world canal tour, telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese spirit in the world language of cultural heritage!


Hangzhou Opera and Dance Theater actively practices the professional demeanor of cultural consciousness and self-confidence, gives full play to the functions of literature and art propaganda, encouragement and guidance, constantly creates fine art works, guides the people's aesthetic taste and appreciation taste with elegant art forms, and improves the quality and cultivation of the whole people; takes innovation and enterprising as the fundamental pursuit of the team, and creates many works full of vitality, It is a golden card for Hangzhou, a famous cultural city to promote to the world.