The meeting of canal blue and Greek blue is the connection of two thousand-year-old countries!


Meet the Corinthe Canal
In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, practice the cultural going out, and help the internationalization strategy of Hangzhou city, the National Art Fund funded the project dance theater "Meet the Grand Canal", as the "Sino-Greek Cultural Exchange and Cultural Industry Cooperation" The closing ceremony of the "Year" event was successfully performed at the Greek Global Cultural Center on January 23, 2018, from Hangzhou, China, the Grand Canal "water spirit" in Greece to enjoy the charm of water and the soul of the canal, the canal blue perfect fusion of Greek blue. The year of cultural exchange and cultural industry cooperation between China and Greece is a high-level government project sponsored by the two governments. Its significance goes beyond the bilateral scope and cultural field. It will have an important and far-reaching impact on China EU relations, dialogue and mutual learning among different civilizations, and world peace, harmony and cooperation. How to make Chinese culture show more cultural confidence overseas? This is a question that creators have been studying and thinking with great concentration. The answer given by "Meet the Grand Canal" is to constantly integrate and absorb, and create a work with ingenuity.
For many Chinese, the term Peloponnesian Peninsula is remembered as an ancient world war, the "Peloponnesian War", which affected the entire human society. At the top of the peninsula, there is a canal called Corinth. Its excavation not only spanned 1500 years, but also solved the rugged and difficult voyage of ships around the peninsula with a length of less than 7 kilometers, which also made it one of the three major canals in the West. one. On January 20, from China, "Meeting the Grand Canal" supported by the National Art Foundation used the rhyme of dance to connect two canals separated by two continents, as well as two thousand-year-old cultural countries of Greece and China. The cultural exchange between the two water cities builds a bridge of friendship.
Gionis, Mayor of Rutlach, Greece. Mr. George said that Greece is a water city, with very pure natural mineral water, amazing sea water, and famous hot springs. I am very happy to welcome guests from the Hangzhou Universiade. Director Cui Wei also said that Hangzhou is also a city of water, including West Lake, Qiantang River and Grand Canal. Although the actors are young, they have spread all over the world as cultural messengers. This time they brought the Grand Canal to Greece and Corinth. They were deeply shocked by such canals.
The Corinthian Canal in Greece is unique in the world for its unique geographical features and important shipping significance. The canal culture has extensive and deep folk foundation in Greece. The tour of "Meeting the Grand Canal" in Greece is conducive to strengthening cultural exchanges between China and Greece based on the common canal culture, deepening people-to-people friendship, consolidating the public opinion foundation for cooperation among countries, and promoting common development and common prosperity.
When the actors of "Meet the Grand Canal" stood on the canal bridge which was less than one meter wide, they saw the nearly eighty meters of artificially excavated steep cliff and the cargo ship slowly dragged across the waterway from the Aegean Sea to the Ionian Sea. They were shocked by the great design and creativity, it has attracted the attention of many foreign friends. Mayor Gionis. George also said that he did not expect that the artistic expression of Chinese actors would be so strong, showing a different kind of charm.
With the support of the National Art Fund, "Meet the Grand Canal" officially opened its international tour in June 2017, which is the "World Canal Meet Tour". At present, he has successfully visited the Midi Canal in France, the Kiel Canal in Germany, the Suez Canal in Egypt, the Corinth Canal in Greece, etc., with 131 world tours, a journey of 90000 kilometers, and met 150000 spectators. The world tour has been received by UNESCO and China. The official attention and support of the French Embassy, the Chinese Embassy in Germany, the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, the Chinese Embassy in Greece and the local municipal government, let Chinese culture better play its value and historical mission in the process of going out.
during their stay in greece, apart from gathering in the corins canal, the crew also communicated with the dancers of the pk theater in athens. coincidentally, the dance communicated by the pk theater was also related to water. the whole dance was completed in water, praising the legends related to water in greek mythology. It can be seen that the art workers of the two ancient civilizations all regard water as a super carrier to nurture a beautiful culture. After the exchanges between the two sides, Papoulos, the head of the troupe, said that I got to know the Grand Canal through your dance, and I hope that there will be more exchanges and cooperation in the future and have the opportunity to create works together. I would like to thank the team of China-Greece Times for their all-night struggle and their support for Chinese culture going global.
"In fact, we have been digging a Grand Canal, connecting China and Greece, two countries with ancient history and civilization. The story of" Meeting the Grand Canal "carries the history and culture and our struggle." Before the performance, Chinese Ambassador to Greece Zou Xiaoli said in a speech that the mayor of Athens and many Greek officials were also present. After the performance, Ambassador Zou stepped onto the stage again. The ambassador from Hangzhou, who grew up from the canal, could not restrain his inner excitement and excitement. He commented, "this is a work with profound history, profound thinking and excellent performance. It is a Chinese story and the language of the world, showing the common thinking of mankind.

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